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Wading Birds in South Florida

By: Dr. Ruscena Wiederholt & Dr. Stephen Davis Photos © Brian Call Wading birds are iconic species and top predators… Read more

Freshwater from the Everglades Needed to Protect Florida Bay

Florida Bay is one of the most diverse and productive ecosystems in Florida. It begins where the Everglades, or “River… Read more

The Economic Significance of Florida Bay

By Andrew Stainback, Ph.D., J.D. To view this report in its entirety, please click here.      

Seagrass Die-off and How Freshwater from the Everglades gets into Florida Bay

Dr. Stephen E. Davis, Ecologist The Everglades Foundation, Palmetto Bay, FL 33157 Dr. Joseph N. Boyer, Professor & Director Department… Read more

A Comparison of the Benefits of Northern & Southern Everglades Storage

Thomas Van Lent, Ph.D. Rajendra Paudel, Ph.D.   Introduction In 2016, the Florida Legislature passed the “Legacy Florida Act” and… Read more

Evaluation of the South Florida Water Management District’s Plan to Increase Freshwater Flows to Florida Bay

By Dr. Rajendra Paudel, Hydrologist, The Everglades Foundation and Dr. Stephen Davis, Wetland Ecologist, The Everglades Foundation   Why does… Read more

Florida Bay: Devastation Goes Unrecognized by Most South Floridians

Did you know that nearly 10 percent (or about 80 square miles) of Florida Bay, between the Florida Keys and mainland… Read more

Florida Bay: What is The Solution?

We can fix the problem in Florida Bay, but it will require additional freshwater flowing south from Lake Okeechobee. Florida… Read more

Florida Bay: A Unique Everglades Estuary

Florida Bay lies at the southernmost tip of the Florida peninsula and bordered to the south by the Florida Keys… Read more