About the John Marshall Everglades Internship Program

May 18, 2017 – July 14, 2017

The John Marshall Everglades Internship Program invites qualified undergraduate students to learn all aspects of the Everglades ecosystem and its restoration through in-depth field experiences, resume-building research, and invaluable networking opportunities with distinguished leaders who are participating in the most comprehensive restoration project in the world.

Meet with Scientists, Policymakers, and Stakeholders of the Everglades Restoration Project

Interns having lunch with Senator Bob Graham

In this eight-week “crash course” of the Everglades, you will learn the following:
• basics of Everglades ecology;
• fundamentals of Everglades restoration;
• the complexities of restoration, citizen involvement, policy and advocacy; and an
• introduction to the various agencies and stakeholders involved.

Interns receive a small stipend depending on the number of interns each year and not to exceed $1,000. Room and board with breakfast and dinner are provided.

Sixty-four interns have graduated since 2002 working in environmental law, education, engineering and science.


Visit Restoration and Water Management Projects and Everglades Habitats

The Tamiami Trail bridge project. Completed in 2016, this is one of the major projects allowing water to flow south into Everglades National Park.

Kayaking Water Conservation Area 1 (a.k.a. Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge)

Big Cypress National preserve

Capstone Projects: Policy and Advocacy, Science and Engineering, Education, or Communications

Interns will complete a four-week capstone project working with The Everglades Foundation staff and selecting from one of the following categories: Policy and Advocacy, Science and Engineering, Education, or Communications. Their projects contribute to the mission of the Everglades Foundation – protecting and restoring America’s Everglades.

Interns presenting their project at the 2010 Greater Everglades Ecosystem Restoration (GEER) conference

Summer interns working hard on their capstone projects