Take Action: It’s #NowOrNeverglades!

Welcome to The Everglades Foundation’s action center.

In this action center, you can find everything you need to successfully advocate for America’s Everglades. Whether you’re talking to elected officials, meeting with community partners and organizations, or educating your friends and neighbors about the importance of America’s Everglades, there’s something here for everyone.

Just use the left-side navigation to access the different categories of information. Each category has its own set of downloadable resources, social media and videos that you can either download directly or use the share buttons to post directly to your social media platforms. It’s that easy, and all materials are free for you to download and use.

Before diving into all of the resources that we’ve provided here, we ask that you start your visit in the action center by signing the #NowOrNeverglades Declaration, which is listed at the top of our action center quick links on the left, if you haven’t already done so. By signing the declaration you’re joining more than 200 scientists, and countless Floridians and Everglades warriors, in affirming that increased storage, treatment and transportation of water south of Lake Okeechobee in the Everglades Agricultural Area are essential to Everglades restoration.

We hope to continually update the action center with useful information and easy ways for you to get involved in the fight to restore and protect America’s Everglades, so stay tuned. Now, all that we ask is that you help us in spreading the word on this great resource!