2018 Intern Blog Series Week 3: Looking Into Local Attitudes Concerning the Everglades

The Big Cypress Representative from the Seminole Board of Directors, giving us a tour of the canal and pump systems… Read more

2018 Intern Blog Series Week 2: Infiltrating FIU and Storming the Pontoon Boat

Brian Garrett, Wildlife Biologist for the South Florida Water Management District, giving us an inside look at Stormwater Treatment Area… Read more

Intern Blog 2018 – Getting Our Feet Wet in Everglades Ecology

When I found out that I got the John Marshall Everglades Internship, I was ecstatic, thrilled. An excuse to work… Read more

Celebrating Earth Day With Millennia Gardens Elementary

This year, the Education Department celebrated Earth Day with one of our Everglades Champion Schools, Millennia Gardens Elementary in Orange… Read more

International Competition with $10m Prize Hopes to Solve Water Runoff Problem

NBC Nightly News Ann Bradford The George Barley Water Prize made its national debut last night with this special edition… Read more

Everglades Day & Earth Month Happenings

April marks the official celebration of Mother Earth, and April 7th, specifically, marks the day we’ve all been waiting for… Read more

Everglades Foundation’s Collaborative Science Featured in Dedicated Issue of Restoration Ecology

The Everglades Foundation’s Science Team continues to achieve the highest level of quality in its research efforts. These efforts are… Read more

Peer-reviewed Journal Publishes The Everglades Foundation’s Research Highlighting Restoration Program’s Effectiveness

Washington DC, October 31, 2017 – Just past the midway point in the long-term Everglades restoration program, The Everglades Foundation… Read more

Bass Pro Shops 50th Anniversary and 20th in Islamorada

The Everglades Foundation is honored to have been chosen as a benefiting Conservation Partner of Bass Pro Shops World Wide… Read more

Everglades Progress Comes in all Shapes and Sizes

Much of the last two years have been focused on the need to send water south to Everglades National Park… Read more

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