2016 #NowOrNeverglades Bus Tour

The Everglades Foundation is embarking on the “Road Trip to Restoration,” a 12-day bus tour around Florida, which kicks off… Read more

The Everglades and King Tides

By Stephen Davis, Ph.D., & Edyna Garcia This year’s arrival of the King Tide generated quite a bit of traction due… Read more

7 Things You Should Not Do During or After a Hurricane

With Hurricane Matthew causing quite a bit of damage around the Caribbean, Florida is rushing to prepare for the first… Read more

Hurricane Prep

We have a great deal of respect for Mother Nature, as it applies to conservation, restoration and natural disasters. With… Read more

Everglades Foundation September 2016 Newsletter

We invite you to view the Everglades Foundation’s September newsletter: In this edition, we include a special video segment… Read more

Florida Bay: Devastation Goes Unrecognized by Most South Floridians

Did you know that nearly 10 percent (or about 80 square miles) of Florida Bay, between the Florida Keys and mainland… Read more

2015 Annual Report: The Year Water Became a Rallying Cry

The Everglades Foundation is dedicated to restoring America’s Everglades. As you’ll read here, we made great strides toward that goal… Read more

A Message from The Everglades Foundation CEO

As Floridians look forward to the upcoming Labor Day weekend, I can’t help to look back at this past Independence… Read more

My Everglades Story, by Michael “Mickey” Cavanaugh

One would not expect an area of the United States that is a swamp, filled with alligators, snakes, and all… Read more

Florida Bay: What is The Solution?

We can fix the problem in Florida Bay, but it will require additional freshwater flowing south from Lake Okeechobee. Florida… Read more

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