Everglades Champion School Program

Everglades Champion School Program - Everglades Foundation Everglades Champion School Program - Everglades Foundation

The Everglades Champion School Program

The Everglades Champion School Recognition Program (ECSRP) is designed to showcase, recognize and model exceptional accomplishments of students, faculty and their schools. It’s a call to action, designed to incentivize and empower schools to find their Everglades potential by focusing on curriculum, projects and practices that become a part of their school culture. It will encourage schools to move beyond presenting the Everglades Literacy curriculum and toward making Everglades conservation a core value of the institution.

What is an Everglades Champion School?

An Everglades Champion School encourages teachers to participate in Everglades literacy professional development, integrates Everglades literacy into the curriculum, and promotes inquiry- and project-based learning, as well as Everglades leadership.

Why is Everglades literacy important?

We depend on America’s Everglades for our water supply. To protect the Everglades, we need a generation of Floridians that understand this complex ecosystem.

America’s Everglades affects every generation. There has never been a time where it is so important for our children to understand how America’s Everglades affects their lives each and every day.

These lessons will allow today’s students to be the next generation of Everglades leaders.

How do I become an Everglades Champion School?

The links on the left menu explain the Application Process and Evaluation Criteria. Once you’ve reviewed that information, you can start the Online Training for the Everglades Champion School Recognition Program. For more information about this exciting new program, please contact: evergladeschampion@evergladesfoundation.org