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Everglades Teacher Symposium 2021

Educating for civic action

Among the sessions were “The Value of Youth-Adult Partnerships to Create Sustainable Civic Change,” “Educating for Civic Action: Strategies for Addressing Environmental Issues of the Everglades,” and conversations about diversity and inclusion in environmental education. The Everglades Foundation’s Education team also shared Everglades resources for the classroom, including board games and STEAM projects.

Sustainability, resiliency, responsibility

“I learned the importance of creating lessons that incorporate sustainability and resiliency in order to help students learn what it means to be responsible members of the community, and how to use resources more efficiently,” said a participating Orange County teacher.

One-of-a-kind curriculum

The annual symposium is a core component of The Everglades Foundation’s Everglades Literacy Program, the only comprehensive K-12 Everglades curriculum in the world. By investing in teachers and students across Florida and beyond, the program’s goal is to ensure future generations understand the ecological and economic value of the Everglades ecosystem.

50 new resources

In the past few months alone, the free, online standards-aligned Everglades Literacy Program has expanded to 24 school districts across Florida; offered more than 50 additional instructional resources, and designated 30 “Everglades Champion Schools,” recognizing schools that have made restoration and protection of America’s Everglades a core value of their institutions.

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Want to find out more?

You’re at the right place. For more than 25 years, The Everglades Foundation has been the premiere organization fighting to restore and protect America’s Everglades through science, education, and advocacy.

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