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Anteneh Abiy, PhD



Anteneh is The Everglades Foundation’s Hydrogeologist. He joined the Foundation in April 2020 after successfully defending his Ph.D. in Hydrogeological Modeling of the Biscayne Aquifer at Florida International University. Anteneh has a M.S. degree in Geosciences from FIU and a second M.S. degree in Integrated Watershed Management and Hydrology from Cornell University, an experience he describes as critical to promote multidisciplinary perspectives and to bridge the gap between science and application. Anteneh’s work and research results have been published in book chapters and peer reviewed journals.

Anteneh has more than eight years of experience in water resources studies in groundwater field investigation, water resources research, groundwater modeling, and academic settings. Before moving to the United States, Anteneh worked as a geo-hydrologist at the former Blue Nile River Basin Authority in Ethiopia, where he was involved in water resources geo-database development, hydrological modeling, groundwater modeling, and groundwater contamination mapping. Originally from Ethiopia, Anteneh is married to Mesi Lisanu and has two children.

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