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Kim Gooch

Digital Marketing Coordinator


A Florida native born and raised in Clearwater, Kimberly is graduate of the Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in English/Editing Writing Media and a minor in Secondary Education. After graduation, she worked at Disney’s Animal Kingdom as a Conservation Education Presenter before moving on to be an Education Manager for the presenter team. Kim then worked SeaWorld as an Instructor in the Education department where she staffed animal exhibits, guided behind the scenes tours, and assisted with overnight programs in the park. She worked on projects including writing and developing curriculum for teachers participating in a field trip programs that meet Florida State standards, hosting the Education Show, Ocean Discovery, and leading summer camps for grades K-12 teaching students about animal habitats, adaptations, conservation, and various research projects. After working in the theme park business, Kim aspired to more actively work toward environmental education and teaching about local ecosystems and how Floridians can work together to preserve Florida’s natural beauty, which drew her to the Everglades Foundation. In her free time, Kim enjoys spending time outdoors and exploring everything Florida has to offer such as hiking, biking, kayaking, and touring new cities.

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