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Tom Van Lent, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist

Runner, swimmer, bike rider, aficionado of Icelandic poetry, soccer referee…Thomas Van Lent is a 21st-century Renaissance man. In addition to aforementioned pursuits, Van Lent is currently the Vice President for Science & Education at the Everglades Foundation, where he works on providing scientific and technical support to non-governmental environmental organizations supported by the Foundation. His responsibilities include presenting expert analysis of hydrologic, engineering, and ecological information to assist in development of Everglades restoration alternatives and meeting Everglades restoration and protection objectives. Van Lent has a distinguished career as a scientist and engineer. He graduated from South Dakota State University before attending the University of Minnesota and Stanford University where he received master’s and doctorate’s degrees respectively. He has also worked at the South Florida Water Management District, Everglades National Park and as an assistant professor at South Dakota State University. Van Lent is a resident of the Florida Keys and received the George M. Barley Conservationist of the Year Award for his ability to convey highly technical information in understandable terms to decision-makers on Everglades restoration.