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Take Action to Unpollute Our Water - Everglades Foundation Take Action to Unpollute Our Water - Everglades Foundation

Welcome to The Everglades Foundation Action Center

What is WRDA and why is it important to Everglades restoration? 

The Water Resources Development Act of 2018 is key legislation that includes approval of the Everglades Agricultural Area reservoir. The Everglades Reservoir is a critical piece of infrastructure needed for Everglades restoration and to fix the water issues in Florida.

The Everglades Reservoir will cut toxic algae-causing discharges by more than half.

We Can’t Let Up Now.

We can’t afford to take anything for granted: our lawmakers, candidates and President Trump need to hear from us, loud and clear: “Build the Everglades Reservoir.”

Tell YOUR lawmakers – and candidates – and President Trump to BUILD the Everglades Reservoir.

What’s at stake if we don’t take action?

  • The drinking water supply for 8 million Floridians
  • The loss of habitat of over 78 threatened and endangered species
  • Loss of local businesses (fishing, real estate, and tourism)
  • Human health (related to toxic algae)

With nutrient pollution making its way through our fresh waterways and painting Florida’s coastal communities green with toxic algal blooms, restoration is no longer a choice, it’s our only option.

Join our scientists, conservationists, activists and dedicated board members in the fight for Florida!