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John P. Keller, a resident of both Hobe Sound, Florida, and Chicago, Illinois, is Chairman of the Keller Group, Inc., a privately held corporation based in Northfield, Illinois. Keller Group, Inc., is a steel manufacturing entity. Its subsidiary companies include Meadville Forging Company, L.P. in Meadville, PA. Mr. Keller has a diverse corporate background and has worked in a number of industries ranging from automotive to publishing. He received his bachelor’s degree from Yale University and his M.B.A. from the Harvard School of Business. Mr. Keller has supported many civic and social causes including the Rush Medical Center, the Museum of Science and Industry, The Economic Club of Chicago, and the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre. Mr. Keller and his wife Judy have three children, Lizabeth, a Kenyan College graduate and a travel company executive; Susan, a graduate of Colgate University; and son, Jack, a graduate of Yale and Northwestern School of Business, president of the Keller Group.

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