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Rex Hamilton is an interesting blend of Miami native, inquisitive mind, and world-view. Although he was born into a tourist town, by the time he was 15 he had traveled to South America, the Mid and South Pacific, and extensively across the USA. He took the academic path seriously by earning a Bachelor of Science at Georgia Institute of Technology and a Masters of Science degree at the University of Georgia. After a marketing position, which required a detailed knowledge and travel through Asia, he returned to Atlanta to work for an engineering and environmental services leader, Law Companies, to ultimately head all of its marketing operations. One of its international clients convinced Mr. Hamilton to obtain the licenses and educational experiences necessary to run a real estate services firm and as it seemed a logical next step, he returned to his native Miami and worked for the largest owner of office buildings in the South in its commercial brokerage group. After the licensing requirements were met, The Rex Hamilton Corporation roared into being riding the wave of Japanese investment in the USA and Europe. As the financial market conditions changed, he focused on residential brokerage while maintaining the consulting relationships with many commercial clients as well. After running a large department, he was able to see the wisdom of controlling the scale of the firm and has continued a boutique operation today. Rex Hamilton has served as a consultant to large, international corporations in expansion of portfolios into Southeast Asia and the USA. He has served high net worth clients by providing them access to the tightly controlled world of European family-held companies for merger and acquisitions. He remains true to scientific background in serving on the board of conservation and ecologically-minded research organizations while providing expertise to these organizations in real estate consultation and services.

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