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Florida International University

I am an undergrad at Florida International University, majoring in sustainability and minoring in environmental science. My research focuses on analyzing the relationship between trophic levels and secretions of fish nutrients, which mainly occurs through the gills – a fun fact! By understanding nutrient flow in an ecosystem, we can better determine the implications of human impact, which allows scientists to drive change. My mentors are Dr. Justin Campbell and William Wied.

I want my career path to lead me to the front line of the battle against climate change, habit degradation, and loss of biodiversity. I am a naturalist at heart, and I love hiking through cypress swamps, fishing Florida’s waters, and playing the guitar.

“The John Marshall Internship with FIU Coastal Ecosystem REU helps me think big picture about water and biodiversity, all the way from Lake Okeechobee to Florida Bay. Water is life for the Everglades – one of the most unique ecosystems in the world – and it is our job to be informed stewards.”

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