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And we’re off!!

Hello! We’d like to introduce ourselves as the 2019 John Marshall Everglades Interns! We’re extremely blessed and excited to be working with the Foundation, learning more about all facets of Everglades restoration. My name is Natalia Turkel and I am the Digital Communications intern, blogging on behalf of us four. Joined with me are Luis Garcia Falcon and Thea Gonzales as the Science Communications interns, Adele Stock as the Education intern, and Kristie Wendelberg as the John Marshall Everglades Internship supervisor.

Stay tuned for weekly updates on our whereabouts, personal projects, and for the wacky pictures we’ll acquire along the way!

Staff lunch on Wednesday, May 22nd!

We formally began the internship on Wednesday and were greeted with a staff lunch. The whole office sat down together and shared a meal, allowing us to familiarize ourselves with the wonderful team we’ll be working with for the next two months.

The beauty of the John Marshall Internship Program is that it tailors the experience to the passion and talents that each intern brings. For example, in week 1 I met with my mentor Steve Davis and he gave me the opportunity to work on web-design and promotional materials in addition to shadowing, creating the intern weekly blog and the internship video. Once we have our projects ironed out, we’ll dive into what each person is working on more in depth.

To finish off the week, Kristie swept us away from the office and over to West Palm Beach, or West Beach Palm as Thea calls it, for a two-day Business Etiquette course. Ken and Monique were our very composed and eloquent leaders, coaching us on topics ranging from dressing for success to dining etiquette, and even social media etiquette. The interns bonded in the car rides, practicing our elevator pitches, interview responses, and staring morosely at the hour-long standstill we, unfortunately, drove right into.

The Cleverglades Interns: Ready to take on Day 2!

The highlight of the week was Friday was practicing our dining etiquette alongside board member Nancy Marshall,

and a few of her friends! We were a bit nervous before meeting her, but she was such a polite and welcoming woman. We all made mistakes during lunch (I for one forgot to place my napkin on my lap for the first few minutes), but it was a success. Towards the end, Nancy surprised us with a thoughtful gift, two books: The Swamp by Michael Grunwald, and The Everglades: River of Grass by Marjory Stoneman Douglass.

There is much to look forward to with this internship experience, and we can’t wait to document it all!

Goodbye For Now


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