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A Friday With Fellows & Frazer

2019 ForEverglades Fellows & Scholars

Dr. Thomas Frazer meets with the 2019 ForEverglades Fellows & Scholars

The Everglades Foundation provides fellowships and scholarships to support graduate research students actively pursuing the development of innovative scientific methods to advance our understanding of and support the restoration of America’s Everglades. This year, we received 19 applications to the ForEverglades Fellowship & Scholarship Program and we were able to award 9 graduate students with fellowships and scholarships – our biggest year since the program started 10 years ago!

Our 2019 recipients are from the University of Florida, University of South Florida, Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University, and their research topics are varied – ranging from the study of wading bird populations, to peat soil loss, to the study of how Hurricane Irma changed our environment, to the study of invasive species and beyond. All of these topics will increase our understanding of the Everglades ecosystem and how it will improve with restoration.

On Friday, November 1, 2019 seven of the nine recipients met with Florida’s newly appointed Chief Science Officer, Dr. Thomas Frazer. The Chief Science Officer is a new position at the state-level and was created by Governor Ron DeSantis to advise the administration on science-based solutions to the state’s environmental challenges, including water quality and blue-green algae. During the meeting, our newly-minted ForEverglades Fellows and Scholars discussed their research and its significance with Dr. Frazer, who provided advice and recommendations based on his vast experience and unique perspective as the state’s lead scientist.

Dr. Thomas Frazer getting to know the future science influencers!

Meet the 2019 ForEverglades Fellows & Scholars!

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