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Everglades EcoQuest: Web-Based Learning Platform

The free platform is first-of-its-kind and aims to engage in and out of the classroom.

December 11, 2023 - The Everglades Foundation is proud to announce the launch of Everglades EcoQuest, the first free web-based learning platform with educational games about the Everglades.

The digital platform, developed with support from Florida Power & Light Company through its charitable arm, the NextEra Energy Foundation, is designed to teach students about the Everglades’ unique habitats, plants and animals, and ecosystem restoration.

As a new component of The Everglades Foundation’s robust Everglades Literacy Program's educational curriculum, Everglades EcoQuest is set to enhance Everglades education and, in turn, bolster efforts to protect Florida’s natural environment.

Everglades EcoQuest was tested through a pilot launch with Everglades Champion Schools, a program designed to incentivize and empower schools, and received overwhelmingly positive reviews from educators and students.

Young learners will be able to explore diverse habitats, delve into watery ecosystems, and engage with largemouth bass, American alligators, and Florida manatees through interactive digital games. Lessons come to life through informative text, captivating imagery, and engaging videos, making Everglades EcoQuest accessible to various learning styles

“Everglades EcoQuest is a game-changer for Everglades education in Florida,” remarked Jennifer Diaz, Vice President of Education at The Everglades Foundation.

“By offering an interactive, engaging, and free platform to explore the wonders of the Everglades, we’re sowing the seeds of environmental awareness and stewardship in the hearts of our students. This is a vital step towards building a future where our children become advocates for the Everglades and, in turn, ensure the longevity of this natural treasure.”

Everglades EcoQuest has multiple levels, and students can earn badges by completing lessons, reinforcing their sense of accomplishment, and motivating ongoing learning. The badges symbolize the students’ growing expertise in understanding and safeguarding the Everglades.

“FPL is proud to sponsor a program that harnesses technology to help environmental education reach more students in a meaningful way,” said Kate MacGregor, FPL Vice President of Environmental Services. “We love the idea that this learning platform will help students foster a deeper connection with the Everglades as they will be the ones to carry the torch of conservation long into the future.”

The Everglades are waiting to be explored and protected by a new generation of environmental champions.

To start your Everglades EcoQuest journey, visit For more information about The Everglades Foundation Everglades Literacy program and all of its free educational resources for teachers and students visit:

About The Everglades Foundation: Founded in 1993, The Everglades Foundation's mission is to restore and protect America’s Everglades through science, advocacy and education. Learn more at


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