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Everglades Stories From Across the Watershed

The Everglades Foundation is proud to announce the launch of its latest initiative, "Everglades Stories," a captivating series of 20 short videos documenting the diverse and compelling stories of individuals from different regions across the Everglades watershed.

What do a teacher from Orlando, a fishing guide from Islamorada, and a realtor from Naples have in common? They each value the Everglades and have a story to share about their connection to this ecosystem.

From the headwaters of the Everglades in Central Florida to the western Everglades in Naples, from the Miccosukee Indian Reservation, and all the way down to the brackish waters of Florida Bay, see the authentic stories of people impacting and impacted by the Everglades.

The project aims to showcase the profound ways in which people connect with the Everglades while shedding light on the impact of environmental degradation and the importance of restoration projects on their day-to-day lives.

Through "Everglades Stories," viewers will embark on a visual journey, exploring the rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives from a variety of Floridians. Each video provides a unique glimpse into the lives of individuals who have been profoundly influenced by the Everglades ecosystem. From a fishing guide to a scientist, from a photographer to a park ranger, the stories represent a broad cross-section of voices that exemplify the interconnectedness between people and the Everglades.

The initiative's webpage features an interactive map of Florida, allowing visitors to click on different regions and delve into the captivating narratives shared by the featured individuals. This immersive experience enables viewers to develop a deeper understanding of the multifaceted relationship between the Everglades and its communities.

"’Everglades Stories’ showcases the diverse range of individuals whose lives are intertwined with the Everglades ecosystem," said Begoñe Cazalis, Director of Communications at The Everglades Foundation.

"Through these personal narratives, we aim to foster a greater appreciation for the Everglades and its significance in our daily lives. We hope other Floridians see themselves in these stories and are inspired to learn more about how Everglades restoration helps them."

To extend the reach of these captivating stories, the videos will also be shared across various social media channels, allowing for broader engagement and awareness of the importance of the Everglades ecosystem. The Everglades Foundation encourages viewers to follow along and join the conversation by sharing their own Everglades Stories.

For more information about "Everglades Stories" and to explore the videos, please visit 


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