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John Marshall Everglades Interns 2019 Capstone Projects

2019 John Marshall Everglades Internship Capstone Project Examples:

Science Communications Intern (2 openings): 1) Manage the creation of the Science Insider Magazine. The intern manages, edits, and coordinates the projection of this science based magazine used to promote the good work of the Foundation’s science team. 2) Creation of educational factsheets. The intern will research facts on endangered species, invasive species, and commonly found species in the Everglades wetlands. S/he will create and design factsheets to be used in informational booklets passed out on tours and other outreach events.

Education Intern (1 opening): 1) Develop a multi-tiered approach for delivering Everglades instructional programming to K-12 STEM/STEAM Partners. School-community partnerships are agreements between an organization, and a school or school district to work together to enhance education. The Foundation has partnerships with 20+ schools in Miami-Dade County, where at least four different visits are needed for the partnership: 1) Teacher Training; 2) Classroom Presentation; 3) Science Night; and 4) Other (Special Project/Event). The intern will help enhance this aspect of our program by developing a series of new Everglades related classroom presentations for different grade levels.

Policy and Science Digital Communications Intern (1 opening): 1) Create and distribute all John Marshall Everglades Summer Internship promotional pieces. The intern will be charged with documenting through pictures and videos all aspects of the internship program. S/he will write weekly blogs, articles for the monthly newsletter and quarterly Glades Guardian. Additionally, the intern will create a video depicting their internship experience to be promoted on the Foundation’s website.


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