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John Marshall Interns 2018 Week 6, Blog 1: Office Shenanigans

Week 6, Blog 1: Office Shenanigans

Left to right: Natalie, Cady, Zion, and Bella busy at work on their individual projects.

This week has marked the close of our many fun adventures as we settled down in the office to work on our projects. Our only break was a trip to Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park on Thursday. Otherwise, the majority of this week has been spent listening to the furious typing indicating the drive for us interns to get ‘er done.

Bella using InDesign to create and edit the Science Insider.

Bella in particular has been picking up steam, with the deadline of the Science Insider looming ever closer. The Science Insider, an annual magazine published by The Everglades Foundation, is traditionally created and managed by the science intern and contains articles from the Foundation’s science team about their work on Everglades restoration. After pitching to local artists, photographers and journalists, Bella has finally collected feature articles to include with the scientists’ work for this year’s edition. Currently she is in the editing process, along with designing the magazine template.

Cady working on example puppets for the K-2 curriculum.

Cady meanwhile, has been working on two art-integrated curriculums for K-2 and 3-5 students respectively. K-2 students will be creating headband animal puppets in order to learn about Everglades species. Meanwhile, grades 3-5 students will create food traps that will test their knowledge on Everglades species interactions (a.k.a. who eats who). Cady hopes that her contribution to the Everglades Literacy program will help students gain new found appreciation for art and Florida’s natural history.

Natalie trying to finish up her ArcGIS survey.

Natalie has just completed the data collection phase for her ArcGIS project. The goal of creating this new map is to be able to draw conclusions about how the land ownership has shifted in the EAA between 2014 and 2017. Showing these changes helps us know where there is land available from the state to work for projects in the EAA such as the Southern Reservoir.

Myself typing up this week’s post.

I, meanwhile, have not only been working on promotional pieces for the Foundation but also writing these weekly blogs. Additionally, I have been working on transferring videos from The Everglades Foundation’s Vimeo channel to their YouTube channel, in order to continue to build the Foundation’s online presence. 115 videos later and my work in that department has finally come to an end, be sure to follow us on our new channel to see informative videos about the Everglades and our work towards pushing restoration forward. -ZJ


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