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Statement on Federal Funding

The Everglades Foundation Statement on Federal Government’s Commitment of $1.1B for Everglades Restoration

January 19, 2022 – The Everglades Foundation today issued the following statement attributed to its CEO Eric Eikenberg, regarding the federal government’s commitment of $1.1 billion for Everglades restoration. “The Everglades Foundation applauds the federal government’s significant commitment of $1.1 billion for Everglades restoration.


“For too long, the residents of South Florida have suffered as a result of toxic discharges, algae blooms, fish kills, economic losses and a parched Everglades National Park. In order to maximize the environmental benefits to be achieved by Everglades restoration, the Army Corps of Engineers should direct the funding toward construction of the vital EAA Reservoir. “This reservoir will benefit all of South Florida, slashing harmful discharges to the coastal estuaries while providing the water desperately needed for America’s Everglades and Florida Bay. Furthermore, the EAA Reservoir will boost the carbon sequestration capacity of 3 million acres in the remaining Everglades wetlands. This vital project will also protect the drinking water supply for millions of Floridians.


“We look forward to working with the Corps and the bipartisan Florida Congressional

Delegation to ensure this historic funding achieves the goals of Everglades restoration to store, cleanse and flow freshwater to America’s Everglades and Florida Bay.”


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