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Statement on Signing of FY 2023-2024 Budget

Thursday, June 15, 2023 - The Everglades Foundation today  released the following statement, attributable to its CEO Eric Eikenberg, regarding Governor Ron DeSantis signing a budget that includes a significant $624.6 million in funding for Everglades restoration.

“Thank you to Governor Ron DeSantis for signing the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 budget today, which provides significant funding for restoring America’s Everglades. It is because of Governor DeSantis’ resounding commitment that we are seeing such meaningful progress in Everglades restoration."

"We also extend our gratitude to the Florida Legislature for including this pivotal funding in the budget crafted during the 2023 session and signed today."

"We look forward to seeing these dollars make a tangible impact on the Everglades and are grateful to Governor DeSantis for continuing to make Everglades restoration a top priority in the state of Florida.”


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