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The Everglades Handbook

The latest edition of the definitive guide to the Everglades features co-author Dr. Steve Davis, Chief Science Officer of The Everglades Foundation.

The Everglades Handbook: Understanding the Ecosystem has been widely considered the definitive guide to the Everglades for 30 years. Each of its first four editions were written by Dr. Thomas Lodge in response to increasing public interest in Everglades restoration and what Lodge identified as the need for a single source that covered the geography, geology, hydrology, flora and fauna of the South Florida ecosystem.  

In each successive edition, Lodge incorporated new research and leveraged his decades-long career of consulting work focused on freshwater and estuarine water quality; terrestrial, wetland, aquatic, and shallow-marine environments; threatened and endangered species; and conditions such as noise and toxic contaminants.  

When the need for a fifth edition of the book emerged, Lodge wanted to enlist a co-author, and knew exactly who to call: Dr. Steve Davis, Chief Science Officer at The Everglades Foundation. 

“I knew Steve would bring a wealth of knowledge about coastal dynamics and expertise in multiple other areas,” said Lodge. “He reshaped the chapters about the coastal Everglades and Florida Bay, hurricanes, sea level rise, and the impact of saltwater on freshwater wetlands. He also shaped a new chapter on Everglades chemistry with important topics: carbon and nitrogen. His breadth of knowledge is woven throughout the book.” 

The fifth edition is packed with science-based insights about the Everglades, including how drastically it has changed. Considered essential reading for anyone trying to understand the history, diversity, and challenges faced in restoring this unique ecosystem, the fifth edition of this bestseller presents the latest information.  

"It's an honor to be associated with a book that has served as the base of Everglades knowledge for nearly 30 years,” said Davis. “As a graduate student, I referred to the 1st edition of The Everglades Handbook while beginning my research in the Everglades in 1995. Working with Dr. Lodge and having my name on the fifth edition rank among the most rewarding experiences of my professional career." 

Watch a conversation between co-authors, Dr. Thomas Lodge and Dr. Steve Davis.


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