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  • Tamiami Trail Roadbed Removed

    Trail roadbed. which was completed six months ahead of schedule, removed nearly six miles of roadbed from the Old Tamiami Trail to allow more water to flow south into Everglades National Park for the first time in a century "Removing the Old Tamiami Trail roadbed is a critical step in helping us restore the flow of freshwater Florida's Tamiami Trail (US 41) was built in the early 1900s to connect Tampa and Miami.

  • Tamiami Trail Bridges Already Showing That Everglades Restoration Works

    March 11, 2020 - Completed Everglades Restoration projects—like the bridges along Tamiami Trail—and projects Tamiami Trail or US-41 links the cities of Tampa and Miami—hence the name Tamiami.  The stretch of Tamiami Trail that cuts across the Everglades was built in the late 1920’s and blocked Over the previous decade, two bridges totaling 3.5 miles in length, were built along Tamiami TrailTamiami Trail bridges. 

  • Final Bridge Over Tamiami Trail Nears Completion: Next Phase Poised to Begin

    For Immediate Release October 30, 2018 Final Bridge Over Tamiami Trail Nears Completion: Next Phase Trail into the southern Everglades and Florida Bay: “Everglades restoration is a federal/state partnership For thirty years the removal of Tamiami Trail has been a restoration priority.  Trail project is a model for Everglades restoration.  Trail, in addition to the state’s $200 million annual commitment to expedite the larger Everglades restoration

  • Lake Okeechobee Discharges Announced

    great progress in opening the southern end of the system with construction of 3.3 miles of bridges on Tamiami Trail and seepage barriers along the northeastern boundary of Everglades National Park. flow at the southern end of the peninsula will be solved in two years with the final removal of the Tamiami Trail roadbed, which will provide much-needed relief from high water conditions in the central Everglades

  • Water and the Everglades - Why is it important?

    STAs and conveyance features such as the Tamiami Trail bridges also allow for the delivery of that water Beyond that, projects that remove canals and levees in the Everglades, such as backfilling the Miami At the southern end, projects along Tamiami Trail, along with improved operations, are redistributing The target is to send 2/3 of the flows under the Tamiami Trail bridges and 1/3 through the S-12 structures

  • Eikenberg to Senate Committee: “Don't Stop Now!”

    River restoration; Completion of repairs to the Herbert Hoover Dike; Construction of bridges along Tamiami Trail; Completion of the C-44 reservoir east of Lake Okeechobee in Martin County; and Restoration of

  • Everglades Foundation Applauds $60 Million Grant to Restore Natural Flow of Water

    — Since 1928, the natural southerly flow of water into the Everglades has been bottlenecked by the Tamiami Trail, U.S. The 6.5-mile Tamiami Trail Modification Next Step Phase II project, Eikenberg said, “will open up the

  • The Everglades Foundation Applauds Permit for Construction of Everglades Reservoir Project

    that will deliver massive amounts of clean, fresh water south to the Everglades, under the bridges of Tamiami Trail, and ultimately to Florida Bay.”

  • Where to Take Your Dog in the Everglades

    This trail is a 48.4-mile greenway levee, offering a biking trail from Parkland to Miramar. SEMINOLE STATE PARK The last place on the list is Collier Seminole State Park which is located off Tamiami Trail east of Naples. The trail I recommend going to is the Prairie Hammock Trail, which is just up the road from the main IF YOU GO: Location:  20200 Tamiami Trail E., Naples FL 34114 Cost: $5 per vehicle Hours of Operation

  • Managers Begin to Discharge Polluted Lake Okeechobee Water

    infrastructure has been built around Everglades National Park, including more than 3 miles of bridges on Tamiami Trail, to allow more water from the lake to flow south.

  • 12 Places To Go In The Everglades Watershed:

    of the Everglades and a serene waterside trail. THINGS TO DO: Kayaking, Canoeing, and Hiking The Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve is located north of Tamiami Trail. You can access the boardwalk directly from Tamiami Trail but there are also other hiking trails throughout There are multiple trails that you can access from the main road.


    Thea spoke in support of an agenda point that discussed the removal of the Old Tamiami Trail as a part

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