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Foundation Scientist Returns to Alma Mater for Howard Hughes Seminar

Everglades Foundation wetland ecologist, Dr. Stephen Davis, recently returned to his scientific roots at Georgetown College, where he received his B.S. degree in Biology and Environmental Science. He was invited by his alma mater to present a distinguished seminar to the Science Program at the small Liberal Arts college in central Kentucky as part of a program sponsored by a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Science Education grant.

Dr. Davis spoke to students and faculty on tropical peatland ecology and sustainability, drawing upon his past studies in Panama and extensive body of research in the coastal wetlands of the Florida Everglades. He gave a guest lecture on wetland management to undergraduate students in a Freshwater Biology course, citing numerous examples from the Everglades. Lastly, he met with a number of students and faculty members to discuss courses, career opportunities, and graduate school options.

“This was a meaningful trip for me. It’s been nearly 20 years since I was last there,” Dr. Davis stated. “My professors and coursework at Georgetown were influential in putting me on my career path. In fact, I can trace much of my graduate work and early professional contacts to counsel from professors and knowledge gained during my time at Georgetown College. I hope that, through this visit and contacts with GC students, I was able to ‘pay it forward’ to a new generation of scientists.”


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