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Gov. DeSantis gets taste of water board’s contempt for the public

January 15th, 2019

Sun Sentinel Editorial Board

“It is not fit that you sit here any longer… you shall now give place to better men.” — Oliver Cromwell to Parliament, January 1654

It was a breathtaking act of hubris when the governing board of the South Florida Water Management District insulted Ron DeSantis, two days after he won the governor’s race, by refusing to delay a vote on an eight-year extension of a land lease to the sugar company Florida Crystals — land that’s vital to the Everglades cleanup project. DeSantis’ subsequent demand for the nine-member board to resign was surprising only to those intoxicated by their own power.

But the board’s arrogant disdain for the new governor and for U.S. Rep Brian Mast, who appealed in person to delay the vote, served a public purpose. It showed DeSantis how the board typically treats citizens who aren’t developers or representatives of Big Sugar.

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