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Governor DeSantis Signs Budget With Significant Everglades Funding

June 02, 2022 - The Everglades Foundation today released the following statement, attributable to its CEO Eric Eikenberg, regarding Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signing the fiscal year 2022-23 budget, which included $352.6 million for Everglades restoration.

“Thanks to the leadership of Governor DeSantis, the budget signed includes significant funding for Everglades restoration and Florida’s natural resources, which is vital in a state whose environment is intrinsically linked to its economy. With this budget, Governor DeSantis has exceeded his historic four-year commitment of $2.5 billion for America's Everglades and Florida’s environment, and the Everglades Foundation applauds him for his dedication and continued advocacy for this pivotal piece of our great state of Florida.

“This legislative session was an opportunity to continue our momentum on the EAA Reservoir – a fundamental component of restoring the natural flow of water from Lake Okeechobee through the Everglades to the Florida Keys – and resulted in the funding needed to continue to drive this project forward.

“Thank you to our state’s leadership, in the Governor and in the Legislature, for supporting this critical funding and for continuing to support and take action on restoring our Everglades.

“It’s clear that our state and its leaders understand the link between Florida’s economy and the environment, and this budget signed by the Governor continues to preserve and protect our Everglades, a central part of our state’s water-based and tourism economy.”

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