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Knight Foundation Supports Everglades Science & Technology

“The inspiring support of Knight Foundation will help The Everglades Foundation harness the power of new technology to translate our science team’s research into resiliency storytelling that helps decision-makers, teachers, supporters and the public-at-large understand how Everglades restoration is Miami’s most powerful tool in mitigating the harmful impacts of climate change,” said Eric Eikenberg, CEO of the Everglades Foundation. “In addition to protecting our drinking water wells from encroaching saltwater due to sea level rise, a restored Everglades will bolster our coastal mangroves that provide a storm buffer for urban communities. The Everglades wetlands also provide massive carbon sequestration capacity and Everglades restoration is the key to protecting this carbon sink.”

Knight Foundation’s investment in Miami Waterkeeper and The Everglades Foundation reflects its commitment to increasing resident participation in Miami’s vibrant community life. Through these investments, Knight envisions a future where Miami residents, businesses and civic leaders actively collaborate to address the complex challenges of climate change and build a more resilient city. Read more.


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