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Record State Funding Commitment Announced

Governor Ron DeSantis Commits $3.5 Billion for the Everglades and Water Quality

January 10, 2023 - Official statement by The Everglades Foundation CEO Eric Eikenberg on Governor Ron DeSantis Funding Commitment:

“The Everglades Foundation applauds Governor DeSantis’ four-year record commitment of $3.5 billion for the Everglades and water quality. The Governor’s bold agenda will undoubtedly lead to more progress in Everglades restoration and in addressing Florida’s water quality challenges.

The restoration of America’s Everglades is paramount to Florida’s clean water-based economy and the Governor has made a concerted effort to ensure Florida significantly invests in its future. A reliable source of clean freshwater for 9 million residents and countless tourists is at stake and today’s announcement demonstrates that Everglades restoration and Florida’s resilience remains a top priority for the second term of his administration.”

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