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Statement from The Everglades Foundation CEO on Governor’s Declaration of State of Emergency

July 9th, 2018. The Everglades Foundation CEO Eric Eikenberg today issued the following statement in response to Governor Rick Scott declaring a state of emergency for seven counties due to toxic algae from harmful Lake Okeechobee releases.

“We thank Governor Rick Scott for recognizing the serious impact these discharges are having on our state.

“The current situation demonstrates the need for prudent, consistent and science-based planning to deal with water issues year-round, so we aren’t drinking from the fire hose when an emergency, like this, hits. The Everglades Reservoir is key to reducing the harmful discharges.

“We need the White House to approve the project immediately, so the U.S. Senate can include the reservoir in the upcoming water bill; otherwise, Florida could be forced to endure at least two more years of toxic algae.”


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