2017 Intern Blog Series: Week 5

Out of gas, but still going strong Hello again! This week, we were in the office on Monday, Wednesday and… Read more

2017 Intern Blog Series: Week 4

On the road again On Monday, we attended a teacher training on Florida International University’s campus with Jen Diaz. It… Read more

2017 Intern Blog Series: Week 3

The Everglades: a uniquely human story. Friday, June 2, 2017 Today was a rainy day. We drove way out west… Read more

2017 Intern Blog Series: Week 2

Love the outdoors and preach that love to everyone you know. We have made it through our second week here… Read more

Joe Negron: Major Expansion of Southern Water Storage Becomes Law

Today Florida Governor Rick Scott signed Senate Bill 10, Water Resources, by Senator Rob Bradley (R-Fleming Island). The legislation authorizes… Read more

The Everglades Foundation Reveals Economic Impact of Florida Bay

Palmetto Bay, Fla. – Florida Bay has long been a favorite scenic spot for water sports, fishing and recreation, as… Read more

Sign the #NowOrNeverglades Declaration

It’s #NowOrNeverglades! By signing the below declaration you’re joining more than 200 scientists, and countless Floridians and Everglades warriors, who… Read more

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