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EAA Reservoir Historic Groundbreaking

"Today’s groundbreaking marks the beginning of a new era for Everglades restoration. Decades of collaboration and planning between the U.S. Army Corps and the South Florida Water Management District now turn to action as the Army Corps begins construction of the EAA Reservoir."

"This is the most impactful of all the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan projects. It will provide the necessary storage to reduce harmful discharges to our coastal estuaries and send much-needed clean water south to the Everglades and Florida Bay." Official Statement by The Everglades Foundation CEO, Eric Eikenberg, on February 22, 2023

Read more about the history of the EAA Reservoir and how it impacts your community in this Opinion Editorial in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel by Eric Eikenberg.

Congress expedites EAA Reservoir: Read more about how this important bipartisan legislation supports Everglades restoration and expedites the EAA Reservoir.

News Coverage of the EAA Reservoir

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