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Yesterday, April 22, 2019, The Everglades Foundation celebrated Earth Day 2019 with an action-packed schedule, full of interactive activities and exciting announcements. Here’s what happened yesterday, and the day that led up to one of the most important days of our calendar year:

Miami Super Bowl Host Committee Launches Super Bowl LIV Environmental Initiative Ocean to Everglades

NFL Green, Ocean Conservancy and The Everglades Foundation Join the Host Committee to Help Reduce the Environmental Impact of Super Bowl and Create a Sustainable Legacy across South Florida

Miami Super Bowl Host Committee today announced the launch of Ocean to Everglades (O2E), the Super Bowl LIV environmental initiative in partnership with NFL Green, Ocean Conservancy and The Everglades Foundation. The collective mission of the initiative is to build a resilience of South Florida’s communities by enhancing the connectivity between residents and the natural environment that surrounds the tri-county region.

The Beach Clean Up that followed

In addition to the exciting press conference and Super Bowl announcements, The Everglades Foundation joined the Ocean Conservancy for a beach clean-up, reminding us of the importance of protecting our environment overall, from Ocean to Everglades.

Earth Day at Ann Norton Sculpture Garden

The Everglades Foundation was honored to be a part of an Earth Day Educational Celebration at Ann Norton Sculpture Garden in West Palm Beach. We saw about 150 students from both Palmetto Elementary and Northgate Elementary to talk about the Everglades and the importance it holds for their homes! Students learned about where they are in the Everglades and how it provides our drinking water supply and habitats for native plants and animals. This includes the over 70 threatened and endangered species that call the Everglades home, like the American alligator.

Students discovered more about the role American alligators play in the Everglades as keystone species, in particular about the importance of alligator holes in the dry season and acted as scientists by measuring and weighing grow gators. Another Everglades species of interest will include the endangered Everglades Snail Kite, which we showcased the shells of their favorite food–apple snails! Students also worked together to identify who lives in the Everglades by looking at 20 animal cards and had the opportunity to learn fun facts about some of their favorite Everglades animals. We believe in educating the younger generation of the importance of conservation and protecting our environment.

Lacoste Celebrates Long-Standing Relationship with The Everglades Foundation and Teases New Collaboration

This Earth Day, The Everglades Foundation is pleased to announce that LACOSTE has renewed its commitment to The Everglades Foundation for another three-years, and will be launching a new collaboration with the French apparel company in the Fall of 2019, with a focus on continuing the work of protecting the only habitat in the world where American crocodiles and alligators coexist.

The Barley Prize Celebrates Earth Day the Millennial Way 

Director of The George Barley Water Prize, Loren Parra, celebrated Earth Day by going live on Marketplace Business News, as she discussed the importance of incentive prizes in spurring innovation throughout history.

George Barley Water Prize Receives National Platform

On April 9, 2019, Dr. Steve Davis, The Everglades Foundation’s Senior Ecologist and Acting Director of Communications, presented on the “Building Confidence in Communities: Stemming the nutrient tide” panel at the Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) meeting in Washington, D.C.  ECOS is an exclusive gathering of environmental heads of each state and is attended by environmental leaders from a cross section of agencies and branches of government.  The charge of this “nutrient pollution” panel was to address the scale, complexities and cost of nutrient runoff in each state as well as strategies being implemented to prevent further environmental and economic harm.

Everglades Foundation Director’s appeared on The Health Channel

Jennifer Diaz, The Everglades Foundation’s Director of Education, and Dr. Steve Davis, Sr. Ecologist and Acting Director of Communications, appeared on The Health Channel this morning to discuss recent algae blooms, the state of Everglades Restoration and the need to educate the next generation on the importance of protecting our environment.


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