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New Everglades Handbag Philanthropic Collection

Half of Proceeds Will Support The Everglades Foundation

The Everglades Foundation announced the launch of a new capsule Everglades Handbag Collection made in collaboration with designer Kent Stetson, who creates artfully distinct handbags, and Mac Stone, a National Geographic and conservation photographer.

The collection of clutch bags, handmade by Kent Stetson and featuring Mac Stone’s iconic photography of Everglades wildlife and habitat, is available for purchase starting in November, with half of the proceeds benefitting The Everglades Foundation’s work to restore and protect America’s Everglades.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to join forces with The Everglades Foundation to create a sustainable collection that celebrates the beauty of the Everglades and gives back to preserving this vulnerable ecosystem” said Stetson. “Our pieces are collectible item that can serve to prompt conversations about importance of Everglades restoration for the future of Florida.”

The limited run of handbags will be available for purchase through Kent Stetson - – or at BRuno’s boutique gift shop in Naples, Fla. There will be two sizes of handbags available.

"My job as a photographer is to remind the world of the natural treasure we are responsible for stewarding and protecting,” said Stone, a board member with The Everglades Foundation. “Fortunately, one of the greatest natural areas on the planet has its own dedicated champion with The Everglades Foundation, and I'm honored to support their mission by donating my work to this limited run of Everglades handbags. The Everglades is all around us, at all times in South Florida; it permeates and influences everything, and I want people to internalize that, embrace it and, most importantly, carry it with pride.”


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